Martin Bakker

Agile Professional

Freelance Agile Professional in the roles of:

Scrum Master | Product Owner | Agile Coach | DevOps Coach


Martin Bakker is an Agile Professional, with experience in coaching and supporting organizations to work as efficiently and effective as possible.

Martin is currently working as a freelance Agile Professional for roles such as Product Owner, Scrum Master and Agile Coach. Reach out to to connect or look on his Linked page.


I strive to help organizations finding the factual ‘truth’ in their current (IT) situation.

By looking at the “core elements” and explaining how they are affecting the generation of value in either a positive or negative way. And in this creating an integrity-based environment with true transparency focusing on the value process.


A world in which people have a better shared and real understanding, allowing them and everyone involved to tap into their full potential. Resulting in both sustainable business successes as personal growth.

  Core Values:

  • People: we are human first, businesses after.
  • Learning: we prioritize learning.
  • Ownership: we take responsibility.
  • Change: we embrace change.
  • Idealism: we strive for the ideal situation.
  • Realism: we stay aware of the current reality.

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off!”

Gloria Steinem


Agile Cook (April 2020 – Present)
Agile-/ scrum coach (June 2019 - August 2020)
Agile-/ scrum coach (June 2019 – August 2020)
Software Engineer – IT Consultant – Agile Professional (February 2016 - September 2020)
Software Engineer – IT Consultant – Agile Professional (February 2016 – September 2020)
Scrum master and Software Engineer (March 2017 – June 2019)
Software Engineer (October 2016 – March 2017)
Software Engineer (August 2014 – January 2016)
CEO and founder (April 2009 – February 2016)





“Martin is een energieke, vriendelijke, analytisch sterke IT professional. In een team is Martin breed inzet als programmeur en als SCRUM Master. Hij is sterk gericht op samenwerking, kijkt continue naar verbetermogelijkheden en verliest het doel van het project niet uit het oog. Binnen PGGM heeft Martin met veel inzet meegewerkt aan het programma “vervangen BAD” wat een omvangrijke en complexe klus onder hoge druk was. Kortom: voor complexe projecten is Martin een goede aanwinst.” – June 2019 – Henk Richmond

“Martin is een prima Scrum master! Technisch sterk, weet de vinger op de zere plek te leggen en is altijd bereid om te helpen. Hij is alert en helpt continue verbeteren en is altijd gericht op een effectieve samenwerking en een goede sfeer. Een uitstekende sparringspartner met gevoel voor humor. Daarnaast is Martin ook een fijne vent!” – June 2019 – Huib Schoots

Martin and I roughly worked together for over two years. During this time, I have experienced him to be a very eager and convincing Agile sparring partner. He has a drive to create the best environment for his Scrum team to work in and by doing so he improves the surrounding organization. His communication skills are a tremendous help to connect to people. To me his technical background – he combined being a developer with being a Scrum Master – was also a big plus in helping to solve a number of integration problems. I look forward to work with him again! – July 2019 – Sjors Meekels

I have come to know Martin as a loyal, hard working, Agile professional. He is tirelessly optimistic in his quest for continuous improvement.

Martin came to PGB PD as a developer and part-time scrum master. He quickly picked up on various things that if improved, would greatly up our efficiency and quality. He was soon asked to become a scrum master fulltime to address these issues. He worked very well within the team, with me as Product Owner and within all levels of the organisation. PGB PD is an organisation transitioning from a classic “changes through projects with fixed scope and deadlines” into an Agile organisation. It took Martin concerted efforts to get processes and people’s opinions changed and he succeeded.

With his background as a software developer, combined with his excellent knowledge of Agile and drive to continuously improve, Martin is someone you would be lucky to add to your team. I have seen him in a developer role, scrum master role and agile coaching role. I am sure he would make an equally good Product Owner as long as there is a strong scrum master beside him. – November 2020 – Saskia (van Diemen) Cameron